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The benefits of signing up to UK4Free


Local rate dialup in the UK
When you connect to the internet all phone calls are charged at standard BT local rate - there are no other charges. No monthly payments from UK4Free!

Unlimited E-mail Addresses
When you signup you get 1 e-mail address. After this UK4Free can enable you to have unlimited e-mail addresses.

5Mb Web Space
Free web space is provided on our unix servers to host your web site. This is perfect for personal use. No scripts are supported, although you can upgrade to 25Mb with script and frontpage support for a small annual fee.

Netmeeting services
Would you like to video conference with friends, family and work colleagues?  With our standard ILS server you can do exactly that. The ILS server is available for anyone to use for any purpose. We also have a unique Safe 'N Sound server which is guaranteed not to contain offensive entries. This server is not available through any other ISP. For more information click on the following link: http://safensound.kencomp.net

55,000 Newsgroups
This means you can discuss your favourite topics with other users that share your interests. All usenet groups are supported by UK4Free.

Technical Support
If you require technical support at any time you can ring our helpline on (0906) 553 1583 and the call will be charged at 1 per minute.

If there are any other details you would like to know about the UK4Free service before signing up please use our contact form and we will be happy to help.

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