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UK4Free offers a number of different services in addition to free internet access. You can purchase these services regardless of whether you are currently a UK4Free customer or not.


Domain Names


Domain Suffix

.co.uk, ltd.uk, org.uk 7 + VAT
.com, .net, .org 19 + VAT
.u-k.org 10.00
All prices subject to UK VAT @17.5% and are for a 2 year period

Benefits of Having Your Own Domain Name

  • Credibility. Having your own domain name projects a professional image for you and your company. It gives the impression that you are operating an established business in a professional manner.

  • Exclusivity. Having your own domain name gives you exclusivity. Without your own domain name you are limited to the e-mail and web addresses that are assigned to you by your Internet Service Provider. For example, username@yourisp.com and www.yourisp.com/username. However, if you register your own domain you can have anything@yourcompany.com and www.yourcompany.com.

  • Mobility. Ownership of your own domain gives you the option of changing your internet provider without changing your web address. This is not possible if you set up a web site without owning your own domain name.


Hosting of Your Website

There are two options available if you would like your website hosted by our servers:

If you sign up or are already a customer of UK4Free you receive:

  • 5Mb of space
  • 5 E-Mail accounts
  • Banner advertising for other websites on your site

    Free of charge


Your hosting package can be upgraded to include:

  • Hosting without advertising
  • 5Mb of space
  • 5 E-Mail accounts

    29 + VAT per annum



Freedial Internet Dial Up Service

If you are an existing user of UK4Free and your phone bill costs are too high then this service is perfect for you. For users with a higher usage, we offer for just 11.06 +VAT per month the option of connecting to the internet via a freephone number. This means that you will get NO phone bill for your internet access. The service has a 3-4 hour cut-off period dependant on network congestion, at which point you can re-connect immediately. This service supports 56K V90 modems and ISDN at 64K. It is contended 15:1 and each customer is allowed up to 42 hours each week.

  • No phone charges for first 42 hours each week
  • 12.99 per month inc. VAT

Please click on the button below if you wish to subscribe to Freedial Internet Access.